Where are the Safest Drivers in America?

Over the last 9 years, Allstate has been gathering information about the rate of auto accidents in a number of cities all across America. After crunching the numbers, each year, they put out a list of the safest drivers in the country. Well, they just released their 2013 report, and this year goes to… the city of Fort Collins, CO.

This marks the third time Fort Collins has won the competition of sorts, and, as it turns out, the city is apparently a powerhouse when it comes to safe driving. They have never finished outside of the top ten for the entire 9 year duration of the study. To accomplish this feat, drivers there average close to 14 years in between traffic collisions, which is 28% fewer accidents than the national average.


Conversely, the dubious honor of least safe city for drivers went to Washington D.C. for the second straight year. With drivers there getting in to accidents once just every 4.8 years. (Although, who can blame them. I’m sure they’re in such a great big hurry to go do important things.)

You can see the complete results over on their page to see which cities ended up where, and spot a couple California locations.

Our only piece of advise is to maybe take it easy the next time your on your way to work, or dinner, or wherever it is you’re going.

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