Things To Do Before A Road Trip

road trip

There’s never a bad time to take a road trip. Whether it’s a few miles up the high way or a few hours, there are few things to do before you hop on the road.

Check your brakesYour brakes are the last thing you want to be having an issues with when you’re driving down the road. Check your brake fluid and if you’re hearing any grinding or scraping noises, you may need some new brake pads or rotors.

Check your fluids – These are vital to the health of your vehicle. Be sure that fluids such as your oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid are each topped off. This will ensure the engine is lubricated, the temperature is regulated, and you have good visibility.

Check your tires – One of the most common issues on a road trip deals with the tires. Before you head out, be sure that you get a quick tire check to make sure they are in good working condition. It’s also a good idea to have spare and a jack, just in case.

Maintenance and repairs – Just as you go to your doctor for your annual check up, your car needs to have a check up with your mechanic. Scheduling maintenance is a great way to see if there is anything that needs to be done.

Once you receive the green light from your mechanic, you’re ready to roll. So if you’re thinking about heading out for a road trip, come into GM Exclusive Auto Repair shop or call us at (760) 941-5002.