The Key to Car Maintenance? The Little Things

As cars become more and more complex, repairs costs have risen to cover increased training and more complicated repairs. However, One thing that remains the same is the importance of maintenance.

By doing the little things – spending a few bucks on a pressure gauge and checking the tire pressure, getting your oil changed, and following manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules, you can get the most out of your car without running in to the really expensive kind of repairs.

We’re experts when it comes to GM and all of its brands, so we know just what to do to take care of your car. When you come to GM Exclusive, you’re getting dealership quality service.

Modern cars usually don’t have a prob reaching 100,000 miles nowadays. 200,000 miles is what people are shooting for now, and to get to that point, you need to stay on top of the basics as well as normal 30, 60, and 100,000 mile services.

If you need any kind of repair or maintenance on a GM brand car or truck, don’t think twice about bringing it in to our shop in Vista, CA. Give us a call, or come talk with one of our trained technicians, and we’ll have your car fixed up in no time!