Signs of Transmission Failure

A transmission stands as one of the most integral and structurally-sophisticated components of your car. The hundreds of parts that transfer power from your engine to tires enable your car’s forward motion — and can also fail through improper maintenance and simple wear-and-tear. To keep an eye on your car’s transmission problems, remain mindful of the following signs.

transmission problems

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road. Stay attentive to transmission problems.

Warning Light Activation

Modern vehicles come equipped with sensors that can detect minute inefficiencies and problems in your transmission. In most cases, these problems get detected far enough in advance that, with proper repair, you can avoid transmission failure.

Fluid Leaks

Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid never gets consumed. It stays within the contained gear box, and continually serves its function until it gets replaced. Your car needs all of its transmission fluid, and a leak can spell major problems. Maintain vigilance for this sweet-smelling fluid, and get your car serviced should it start to appear beneath.

Movement Delays

The timely transfer of gear shifts serves as a major function of your transmission. If you’ve begun to experience delay when you change gears, then your transmission could exist on the verge of failure. If the engine revs after you change gears, this stands as further evidence of a problem. As a serious issue, transmission slipping should get investigated without delay.

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