Signs of Suspension Damage

Your suspension’s job is much more important that just maintaining a smooth ride; it helps to keep your car stable during hard stops and turns. That’s why it’s necessary to catch any suspension damage early on before it can cause problems on the road. There are a few basic signs to watch out for that will indicate suspension damage. Here’s a quick overview:

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Jerking/Bouncy Car Ride:

Just about everyone knows this symptom; when your car keeps bouncing around all over the place during a drive, your suspension isn’t working right. It means it’s time to take your car in.

Car Pulls During Turns:

Your car feels a lot of centrifugal force during turns, especially tight ones; usually the suspension helps keep it stable. That’s why if your car pulls or drifts during turns, it’s a good sign that your suspension is damaged.

Car Pulls Down/Forward During Stops:

This sign is similar to the last; an object in motion tends to stay in motion. All of the force of the speed you were going at continues to push your car forward when you brake. When your suspension is damaged, it can’t keep the car stable and it lurches forward.

Bounce Test:

This isn’t a sign, but an easy way to check the health of your suspension. Just put your car in park, stand in front of it, place your weight on the hood, and bounce the car a few times. Repeat this on the back side of your car. What you’re looking for is any residual bouncing after you take your weight off of the vehicle; it’s a sure sign that your suspension needs repairs.


These are just a few things to look out for to maintain the health of your suspension. Here at GM Exclusive Auto Service and Repair Specialist, we offer suspension repairs alongside a host of other auto-related services. For more information, please give us a call at (760) 941-5002.