Keeping Your Fuel Pump in Great Condition

Your fuel pump is the component of your vehicle that delivers fuel to the motor. Without it, your car simply doesn’t go. However, this is also one of the most popular replacement parts for almost every vehicle brand. Following these tips can not only extend the life of your fuel pump but also help your vehicle get better gas mileage.

A Healthy Fuel Pump Can Add Torque and Horsepower to Your Vehicle.

Keep an Ample Amount of Fuel in Your Vehicle

Keeping at least a ¼ of a tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times helps preserve your fuel pump in a couple of ways. Keeping your fuel at this level prevent sediment and debris at the bottom of your tank from entering the pump, and it keeps the pump’s motor from overheating as it operates.

Time Your Fuel Refills Right

Never refuel at the same time that the station is receiving fuel. The large pumps used to refill their tank stirs up debris and sediment that has settled at the bottom of their tanks. Refilling your tank at the same time can transfer the sediment and contaminants into your tank.

Change the Filter

Most fuel pumps have a fuel filter that helps block sediment from entering your motor. These filters require at least an annual change in order to be effective. Unchanged filters can cause your fuel system to have problems receiving fuel.

Fuel Injectors Do Matter

Keep your fuel injection system clean and free of debris with regular service form a trusted mechanic. This helps ensure that your system is receiving enough fuel and oxygen for efficient operation.

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