How To Tell If Your Car Needs a Tune Up

A tune up for a car is like a checkup at the doctor for humans. It should be done at least annually to make sure everything is running smoothly and to fix anything to is wrong. If you notice any signs that your car is not performing like it usually does, you should take it in for a tune up. Here are some helpful signs that indicate you should take your car in to a professional.

If Your Car Needs A Tune Up, Take it In To One Of Our Professionals Today

The Engine Is Stalling Or Misfiring

This could be caused by worn down spark plugs, typically after 100,000 miles of use. If your car has less miles on it than that, something else is causing the engine to malfunction, like maybe the electronic sensing device got dislodged.

Car Takes Longer To Start

This is probably a failing battery. Mechanics can check the performance of your battery for free and tell you if you need a replacement. Sometimes a simple recharging is all a car needs to get it quickly starting again.

Car Not Accelerating Fast Like It Once Was

When engine air filters get clogged, they cannot “breathe” and it makes your car struggle to revv up and accelerate. Engine air filters need to be changed every few years, or more if you live in a particularly dusty area.

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