How To Deal With Common Winter Vehicle Annoyances

dealing with icy weatherWinter time can bring lots of icy and sleet, all of which are surely a nuisance. From unsafe driving conditions to excessive wear and tear on your vehicles, your car definitely feels the annoyance of icy weather. Today we will provide you with a few helpful tips to manage these winter vehicle nuisances.

Frozen Windshield

Nobody wants to deal with a frozen windshield, particularly if you’re in a hurry or late for work as it is! There are a few ways you can prevent a frozen windshield. One interesting home prevention technique is to rub a raw onion half over the windshield the night before a freeze. This is meant to prevent freezing in the morning. Some people prefer to cover their windshield with rubber bathmats instead. Just be sure to remember not to pour hot water on your windshield if it freezes. NEVER try that one.

Frozen Key-lock

If you are the kind of person who unlocks your car the traditional way, with the key, you may have seen the lock freeze from time to time. Simply blowing into the keyhole with a normal drinking straw should melt the ice. However, if that doesn’t work, you can lightly warm your key with a lighter and slowly slide i into the keyhole as a way to gently melt the ice.

Icy Side Mirrors

If your mirrors tend to get icy, a great way to prevent that is to place plastic bags over them and secure the bags with rubber bands. In the morning, remove the bags and enjoy your ice-free mirrors.

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows tend to start long before the icy weather, and there are some easy ways to address is, from opening your windows a crack at night so that the car temperature stays the same as the temperature outside, or you can keep a clean chalkboard eraser handy to wipe away the moisture without leaving a smudgy mess.