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Radiator Flush Service

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ラジエーターキャップ If you’ve ever driven past someone on the side of the road with smoke and steam pouring out of their hood, then you’ve seen what can happen if your radiator fails. Don’t be that person. A great preventive service you can do is to make sure to get a scheduled radiator flush.

You radiator is in charge of keeping the temperature of your engine down. A radiator flush is a service that involves replacing your radiator’s antifreeze coolant with fresh coolant that will keep it working properly and cool down the engine – which can be a problem on the hot days in Vista, CA.

Our radiator flush service at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA not only replaces the coolant, but also removes rust and dirt build up from your radiator so that none of that unwanted material winds up in your engine.

A radiator flush is a very simple service, but one that can go a long way to keeping your car or truck running smoothly. If you’re in the Vista, CA community, bring your vehicle over to GM Exclusive for a professional radiator flush, and other helpful services.

No matter what’s wrong with your car, we can fix it at GM Exclusive. Be sure to check out all the services we offer!

We handle everything from radiator flush services to steering repair here at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA. So whatever is ailing your car or truck, bring it to us at GM Exclusive. We are GM-trained to handle any GM make and model – past or present- like Saturn, Cadillac, GMC, Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Oldsmobile, and more. So if you have car problems, lets us take a look at it and find the best service for you at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA!