Vista, CA – Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Replacing a bad O2/Oxygen sensor can reduce your emissions and improve fuel efficiency

repair-emissionsMost cars made today have two oxygen or O2 sensors. One is placed near the engine, the “upstream” sensor, and the other is place along the exhaust after the catalytic converter. Between the two of them, they’re able to read the before and after levels of emissions your car produces as it passes through the converter. This information is sent to the car’s computer to determine if it’s running at the most optimum and efficient levels.

If you think you need a replacement set of O2 sensors in Vista, CA, you should bring your car or truck down to GM Exclusive. We handle all GM brands with a level of expertise you’d usually have to go to a dealership for, but at a fraction of the cost.

One of the most common reasons people will have their check engine lights come on is a problem with their emissions. And of those cases, many of them have to do with a bad oxygen sensor or two. This can be a problem for those who need to get an inspection done, because you won’t pass with bad O2 sensors. Before the check engine light, try to be aware of any rough idling problems, or noticeable drops in MPG, because those are common symptoms of o2 sensors in need of replacement.

Come to our shop in Vista, CA for replacement oxygen sensors! No one knows GM cars and trucks better than we do. a new set of sensors can help increase your gas mileage and reduce emissions in to the air, so there’ no reason to put it off. Come in or call us today with any questions!