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repair-fuel-pumpThe fuel pump is a fairly recent addition to automotive manufacturing, but it comes as a welcome addition by car designers. Prior to the fuel pump, they would be very limited as to where they could place the tank, but now, with a pump that can deliver fuel from just about anywhere, the tank can be placed anywhere, which opened up more options and flexibility for design.

With older cars, the fuel tank had to be placed much closer to the engine, since it mostly relied on gravity to deliver the gasoline to the car’s engine.

Most fuel pumps now are electric motors that is able to force the fuel at a high pressure through the fuel injectors found in most cars today. However, when most cars still came equipped with a carburetor, mechanical fuel pump were often used because the gas didn’t have to be pumped at such a high pressure.

Our mechanics have been working on GM brands for years, and they know fuel tanks and fuel pumps like the back of their hands. If you feel like you car is having trouble starting, or it will start but shut off shortly after, it may be due to a lack of fuel to the engine. If you’re positive that there is gasoline in the tank, then the problem could lie with a bad fuel pump. Give us a call or come by the shop, and we can get to the bottom of your problem. Be sure to check out all the services we offer!