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repair-electricalThere are a few main parts to every car’s electrical system – the battery, alternator, spark plugs, interior and exterior lights, and other accessories. many feet of wire running through the car connect all of these components to their protective fuses – the same way it would in a house or building. If just one of these parts of the system begins to fail, the entirety of the car’s electrical system could feel the effects. As newer car get more and more advanced, they begin to include more and more electrical components, which means more wires and more chances to encounter a problem. It’s a very complicated aspect of maintenance, but the trained experts at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA know how to handle it.

If your power windows aren’t operating properly, if your dashboard or headlights are flickering or not working, or if you’re getting strange warning lights on your center console, it could be an indication of an electrical system problem. Bring your car to us at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA for us to fix the problem.

At GM Exclusive in Vista, our mechanics have been GM-trained to be able to repair or service any electrical issue you have with your car. Even if you’re not even exactly sure where the electrical system is malfunctioning, we can diagnose the problem to figure out what’s causing it.

No matter what’s wrong with your car, we can fix it at GM Exclusive. Be sure to check out all the services we offer!

We handle everything from electrical system service to engine repairs here at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA. So whatever is ailing your car or truck, bring it to us at GM Exclusive. We are GM-trained to handle any GM make and model – past or present- like Saturn, Cadillac, GMC, Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Oldsmobile, and more. So if you have car problems, lets us take a look at it and find the best service for you at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA!