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ac_unitYou could get by without a car air conditioning (AC) unit, but some might say that on a hot day your car’s air conditioner is the most important thing in your car. Don’t get stuck sweating it out; if your car’s AC is broken, bring in your car or truck to GM Exclusive; Vista, CA’s, best auto shop.

There are a few different things that could cause an air conditioner (AC) unit to go bad. It could be a belt problem, an issue with the compressor, or maybe your AC unit is low on coolant. Whatever that problem, our master mechanics here at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA have the equipment to diagnose the problem, get to the source, and provide professional quality repair services for your car’s AC system.

At GM Exclusive, we can take a look at your air conditioning AC system to determine the problem. A visual inspection of the air conditioner’s hoses or test of the air compressor for proper functionality could reveal the need for a part replacement. But there’s nothing to worry about, because we only use the best quality parts for our repair service for our customers in the Vista, CA community.

And, of course, whatever you need repaired in your car or truck, you can expect Vista’s best customer service in town. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure that you have the best experience possible at GM Exclusive.

We handle everything from AC air conditioner repair services to brake repairs here at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA. So whatever is ailing your car or truck, bring it to us at GM Exclusive. We are GM-trained to handle any GM make and model – past or present- like Saturn, Cadillac, GMC, Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Oldsmobile, and more. So if you have car problems, lets us take a look at it and find the best service for you at GM Exclusive in Vista, CA!

No matter what’s wrong with your car, we can fix it at GM Exclusive. Be sure to check out all the services we offer!