Extending Your Gas Mileage

cars on highwayDo you dread each trip to the gas station? With the ever rising price of gasoline, car owners are going to great lengths to save at the pump. Here we have compiled several simple tips to help your car perform its best and work toward better gas mileage. Quick maintenance and safe driving can save you money and reduce wear on your car!

Maxing Your Miles Per Gallon

Following the posted speed limit is a huge help in maintaining your mileage. Many cars achieve maximum efficiency between 45 and 60 miles per hour: safely driving 5 to 10 mph under the speed limit can help your car go further on the same amount of gas. Not to mention, driving the posted speed limit is part of the law and important for safety.

Properly inflating your tires is important for good mileage and safety. Inflate to the recommended pressure, not above or below, to avoid extra wear on your tires and optimize your mileage.

Driving calmly will avoid using extra fuel. Excessive acceleration and frequent braking is destructive to gas mileage – driving calmly is a benefit to your car and to your safety.

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