Essential Spring Car Tips

Spring Car Tips

A Few Pieces of Vehicle Maintenance Will Let You Enjoy Spring to Its Fullest.

The slog of winter can place considerable wear on your car. To get prepared for spring, you should follow a few essential spring car tips. These practices will ensure your vehicle’s good repair for the season, keep you safe on the road, and make driving more pleasant.

Undercarriage Wash

The underside of your car can acquire quite a bit of debris and dirt through winter driving. Salt, grime, and sand that flies up from the road can accumulate and begin to corrode your undercarriage. This can make reselling the vehicle difficult, and can eventually worsen to make driving dangerous. To solve this issue, simply pay for the undercarriage option at your local car wash.

Tire Pressure

Cold weather can lead to low tire pressure, a vehicle hazard that places undue wear on tires and increases the risk for blow-outs. As the weather begins to warm in spring, tires can become over-inflated, an equally problematic issue. As part of your spring maintenance, take care of your tires with a pressure test, and restore them to recommended levels.

Check Your Fluids

As an essential part of preparation for every season, checking your fluids can serve as preventative maintenance. You will certainly need to refill your wiper fluid, as it typically sees heavy use in winter. You’ll also want to check your oil, brake, and transmission fluid. Each of these deserves refreshment every 5,000 miles or so.

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