Detecting Suspension Damage

When it comes to your vehicle, detecting damages can be simple, or difficult, depending on what the problem is. Suspension problems are serious, but easy to detect. Beyond smooth riding, your suspension keeps your vehicle stable for stops, turns, and more. Today we will discuss several ways you can tell if your vehicle is in need of suspension repair. If you notice any of these problems with your car, give us a call today at (760) 941-5002!

Vehicle Suspension

Do You Need Suspension Repair?

Does Your Vehicle Pull To The Side? If your car pulls during turns, you may be looking at a suspension problem. turns exert a certain amount of force on your vehicle, and the suspension is responsible for ensuring those turns go smoothly. Pulling indicates there is a problem with that stabilization.

Do Your Car Jerk Or Bounce? While you’re driving, is your car all over the road? a significant amount of bumps or jerks on what appears to be a fairly smooth road is one of the most common indications of problems with a vehicle’s suspension. Be sure to take your car in ASAP.

Does Your Car Jerk When You Stop? If your vehicle jerks after you break gently, your suspension is not distributing force properly through your vehicle. Any sort of lurch forward, or downward dip should be taken seriously.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to try out the bounce test. Essentially, you put your car in park and then stand in front of the front bumper. With open palms, place your weight on the hood, and gently proceed to bounce the vehicle. Watch for any signs of bounce after you’ve removed your weight from the vehicle. After the front, use the same method to check the back. If you’re still uncertain, head over to the GM Exclusive Auto Repair Shop in Vista, CA! We’re always happy to help with all of your car repair needs.

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