Cars on the Road are Older Than Ever

Today, the USA Today posted an article about a new study that shows that people’s cars today are much old than they have ever been before. That is, people are driving cars for longer and longer. The average age for a car today is 11.4 years, and it looks like it will continue to rise in the near future.

With the finances of many people, this isn’t incredibly shocking news, but we can also hope that it has something to do with car being built more reliably than in the past. Maybe just a few decades ago, the golden standard for a long-lived and durable car was passing that 100,000 mile mark, but now, it’s almost expected that a car should be able to last that long, and even longer.

Maybe a slight exaggeration

Despite the older age of cars on the road, sales of new cars is actually on the rebound after bottoming out in 2009. It’s up to 16 million cars sold this year, after only topping 10 million in that down year of ’09.

That said, even with the better build quality, car’s don’t keep running if basic maintenance is ignored. Things like oil changes and regular check ups (30, 60, 90 thousand miles). If you have a GM brand car or truck, there’ no better service than what you can get at our shop, GM Exclusive.

So, if you’re holding on to an older car for whatever reason, be it quality, necessity, or just plain old loyalty, make sure to keep up to date with all the repairs and services!