Cadillac Moves to New York

GM Moves Cadillac Headquarters

General Motors has officially moved their luxury brand Cadillac headquarters to New York. They have chosen a place in the trendy SoHo area of New York. The new office will employ approximately 100 people. Around 30 of these employees will be moving from Detroit to work in the new SoHo location.

Mixed Reception of News

Cadillac moves headquarters to New YorkAlthough GM is excited about the future of Cadillac and the marketing and development changes they hope to make, some people have not accepted the news as well. Detroit, with its struggling economy, has had a mixed reception to the news. Some view the move as a further blow to the economy of Detroit.

GM however defends the move citing the fact that the new headquarters will be focusing on sales and marketing, not the manufacturing of vehicles. This will be left for the factories in Detroit. General Motors is trying to focus on establishing new trends in the luxury car market and their hope is that their new location will help Cadillac become a world leader in luxury car standards.

For more information on the headquarter relocation, check out GM’s official press release regarding the New York location.