How to Build an Emergency Kit for Your Car

Though most of the time you’ll never need it, you’ll be thankful when you do! An emergency car kit is an essential item for every driver. While you can purchase a premade kit, it’s often much more affordable and functional to make your own. Here’s how to build an emergency kit for your car.

The Essentials

emergency kit for your carNo matter what kind of car you’re driving or where, there are a few things that belong in every car. Some of these items may already be included in your vehicles, such as a spare tire, but double check before you hit the road!

  • Car Manual
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Jug or Bottles of Water
  • Jumper Cables
  • Roadside Assistance Information/Card
  • Spare Tire
  • Tire Changing Tools (Tire Jack, Tire Iron, and WD-40)
  • Work Gloves

Customized for You

Do you have a pet? A small child? Do you drive into the desert frequently? Are you traveling to an area where there will be snow? Keep these things in mind when building your emergency kit for your car. You may need to keep an extra leash in the glove box for Fido, or purchase an ice scraper before heading to the mountains.

Unusual But Important

Many will argue that these items are essentials as well, but it may depend on where you drive. For example, paper maps are important to have on hand when driving somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, but are unnecessary for your daily commute. You might also benefit from keeping a change of clothes in the car, whether it’s a whole outfit or just some clean socks.

While the emergency kit for your car can help you out in many situations, some problems call for a professional mechanic. When you need auto repair in Vista, CA, call GM Exclusive at (760) 941-5002.