What Your Battery Light Means

Your dashboard has many different warning lights and signals to alert you when something under the hood isn’t working properly. One of these lights is the battery light, which alerts you to the fact that something in the electrical system isn’t working properly. If you see this light in your car, bring it by GM Exclusive Auto Repair and we’ll determine whether you have a battery or alternator problem.

What to Do When Your Battery Light Comes On

Check Battery Light

Your Check Battery Light Indicates That Your Vehicle is Running Low on Electrical Power.

If your battery light comes on while you’re driving, it means that the electricity that is running the car is running low. It could be because the battery is weak or because the alternator is going out. Either way, you are going to run out of power within a few miles. Here are some helpful tips for how to handle a check battery light on your dashboard.

During the Day
If you check charging systems light comes on during the day, make sure your headlights are off and turn off all other parts of the car that require electricity. Then get to a safe place as soon as you can. Call a tow truck and have them bring the car to GM Exclusive Auto Repair and we’ll take care of everything.

During the Night
If your check battery light comes on while you are driving at night, you are in serious trouble because the headlights are quickly draining the battery. Turn off the radio, heater or a/c and get to a place where you can safely park your car immediately. Call a tow truck and have them deliver the car to us. We will help you understand what’s wrong with your car the next day.

Contact Us

If you’re check charging systems have been coming on and off or you’re experiencing problems with your car not starting, contact our office at (760) 941-5002 and bring your car by for a diagnostic.