All you Ever Needed to Know About O2 / Oxygen Sensors

O2 / Oxygen Sensors can be troublesome little things, frequently requiring replacement or adjustment.  These sensors monitor the level of oxygen present in the fuel mixture entering and exiting your vehicle’s catalytic converter, and are responsible for adjusting the fuel / oxygen mixture on the fly to maintain optimum performance.  If one or both of these sensors is out of order, it’s enough to trip your Check Engine light and could put a serious dent in your vehicle’s fuel economy… burning extra money over time at the pump.

Here is a delightfully animated video showcasing exactly what an O2 / Oxygen sensor is and does, inside and out:

If you have noticed a change in your vehicle’s fuel economy, or your check engine light has turned on, our team of trained specialists are happy to inspect your vehicle for possible O2 / Oxygen Sensor failure… and if the trouble turns out to be related to a different problem, we will be able to correctly diagnose the issue and offer our fast, professional services to restore your vehicle to peak performance once again.

Come to our shop in Vista, CA for replacement oxygen sensors! No one knows GM cars and trucks better than we do. a new set of sensors can help increase your gas mileage and reduce emissions in to the air, so there’ no reason to put it off. Come in or call us today with any questions!

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