Tire Rotation: Key to Your Regular Maintenance Regimen

car tires and rimsRegular maintenance is key to keeping your car at its best, and an important part of scheduled maintenance is tire rotation. By alternating your tires to different locations on your car, you can ensure that your tires wear at an even rate. To help you remember tire rotation as part of your scheduled maintenance regimen, we examine the benefits here.

The tires on your car don’t wear at an even rate. Depending on your style of driving and how your car is configured, some tires will lose tread quicker than others. By rotating your tires to different spots on your car, you allow your tires to wear more evenly, and thus allow them to last longer and serve your car better.

Tire rotation is often completed by moving your front tires to the back, and the back tires to the front. However, some manufacturers recommend a specific pattern for alternating tires, such as swapping only the front tires with the front tires, or moving all tires in an X pattern. Additionally, some manufacturers recommend a certain amount of time between tire rotations, but the general rule of thumb is to rotate every 5,000 miles.

Reliable Rotating and More

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