6 Interesting Facts About Car History

The history of cars dates all the way back to the 18 Century! If you’re a car enthusiast and a history buff, enjoy this collection of facts about several firsts in car history.

1769: The world’s first traffic accident. The wrecked car can still be seen at the National Museum in Paris, France.

1896: The first traffic-related fatality. Scientist Mary Ward was thrown from the car she was riding in when it took a corner too sharply.

a colored print of an old automobile outside a gas station1899: The first speeding offense ending in arrest. Jacob German of New York City was driving a car for the Electric Vehicle Company, when a cop on a bicycle observed him going 12mph in an 8mph zone. German was arrested and taken to jail.

1902: The first traffic ticket was issued. Harry Myers of Dayton, OH, earned a paper citation, even though most cars had a top speed of around 45mph at the time.

1934: The first parking meter is installed. Oklahoma City, OK, was the first place in the US to install a coin-operated parking meter similar to the ones we have today.

Prohibition Era: Stock cars were invented. Moonshine runners crafted these fast, slim prototypes so that they could drive faster than the police while transporting their illegal alcohol.

Cars are fascinating, and so is their history! If you have a question about the car services we provide, don’t hesitate to give us a call!