3 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Thanksgiving

If you plan on going on a road trip to see family or friends for Thanksgiving next week, it’s best to make sure your car is ready before you go. We have a few things to do to prepare your car before you hit the road!

prepare your car for ThanksgivingCheck Your Tires

It seems basic, but a simple drive on the highway is enough to show that many people forgetĀ to take care of their tires before they get behind the wheel. Checking your tire pressure and tread could be the difference between smooth travel and a significant delay. Make sure your tire tread has enough depth and your tires get plenty of air, especially since tiresĀ tend to lose air in cold temperatures.

Clean Your Car

Although this isn’t a necessity, it will feel a lot better to drive in a newly washed and vacuumed car than it will to drive with extra items crowding your back seat and trunk. By creating more room in your vehicle and cleaning beforehand, you’ll be able to transport any food you plan on taking along for the ride without having to worry about packing your vehicle to the brim. Plus, if you have any guests or family members in your car, you won’t have to bother apologizing for the mess.

Get a Quick Inspection

If you have even the mildest concern about your vehicle before you embark on a long trip, be sure to take it to a specialist. A certified mechanic can repair any damage and generally make sure your car is fit for a long drive. You can call GM Exclusive Auto Repair in Vista, CA to prepare your car for the Thanksgiving drive at (760) 941-5002 today!