3 Ways To Avoid A Car Accident

maintenance can prevent a car accident

Proper maintenance can help you prevent a car accident!

When it comes to accidents, the main cause is often distracted driving. Cell phones pose a huge percentage of the distractions we attribute accidents to, but other distractions also include things inside and outside of your car. While we can’t help you not get distracted by a squirrel running across the road, we can give you 3 tips on how to prevent a few other types of accidents, simply by taking proper care of your car!


It is critical that you keep up with tire maintenance. Your tires are too important to overlook. As a typically expensive part of a vehicle, many drivers tend to wait until they get a flat, to even consider replacing their tires. However, your tires have a limited lifespan, depending how often you drive, and the kind of conditions you drive in. Be sure to check your tread, and if the tread is low, it is time to replace. Also watch for cracks and balls in your tires, which can cause a serious accident if they cause your tire to blow out! 


When it comes to driving, one of the key requirements is visibility. You need to be able to clearly see all around your vehicle, particularly through the front windshield. Many accidents in rainstorms happen because the drive could not see clearly. So how can you protect against conditions that cause poor visibility?

Windshield Wipers

Always take time to check your windshield wipers. These handy helpers are essential for keeping your windshield crystal clear. Be sure to watch the edges for signs of drying, warping, or cracking, as any of these symptoms can indicate it is time to replace. When buying new wipers, choose a quality brand, and the correct size for your car. A clean windshield is a major part of road safety.


Next, periodically check your lights. In urban areas, street lights can often make it difficult to notice if one of your lights has gone out. taking time once a month to look at your headlight, tail lights, and fog lights, can not only save your life, but also save you from getting a ticket! Your lights are essential not only for your own visibility, but they also help other drivers see you at night.

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