3 Essential and Affordable Car Maintenance Tips

Everyone knows that cars require a significant amount of maintenance. One of the best ways to keep your car in good condition, is to stay vigilant with that maintenance. However, care maintenance can get expensive over time, and it is easy to fall behind. Today we will go over 3 affordable maintenance activities that you can easily keep up with.

car maintenance

Keeping it Clean

Cleaning your car isn’t just about aesthetics or pride. Allowing dirt and grime to build up on the exterior can damage your car’s finish and paint. Additionally, allowing the inside of the car to be dirty can damage your leather or upholstery, or even cause fading or peeling on the dashboard and doors. Keeping your car clean is easy, and affordable, so make sure you don’t skip it!

Changing The Oil

Your vehicle’s engine oil is affordable to replace, and an extremely essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Low or dirty oil can cause damage to your engine, and lead to costly repairs. Keeping up with the right schedule for your oil changes will save you time and money down the line!

Monitoring Tire Pressure

A air pressure gauge for your car is very cheap, usually less than $15, and it can help you make sure you aren’t wearing out your tires too quickly. Driving with the ideal tire pressure is the best way to make sure you won’t be buying new tires prematurely.

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